What Should Rental Agreement Forms Have?

It is very difficult to draft the rental agreement forms, however you can obtain them from many websites for free or at very low costs. In case, none of these serve your purpose in the best way and you want to write one yourself, then this article may be of some help to you. The article offers a detailed information of what should these forms comprise of. Although, different states have different laws so make sure you seek assistance of an attorney after drafting your agreement, just to make sure that you have done it according to your state law.

These forms consist of the following points:

Names, signatures and contact details of the landlord and the tenant.

Property address that is to be rented out

Mention the rental amount that the tenant has to pay, on monthly basis as well as the down payment to be made. You can also mention here that who will receive the payment – – the landlord or any of his designated agents.

The lease term for the premises

The amount of security deposit and the date at which it has been received

The occupants who are allowed to use the property or live there

The tenant has to agree not to sublet the property to anyone else unless a written document is signed by the landlord

Tenant has to pay the utilities for example the gas and electricity bills

Where is the tenant allowed to park his car? This has to be stated clearly in the document.

Conditions of noise or disruptive activities

Landlord’s right of entry

Repairs by landlord

Late payments will be charged

Mention the termination of the lease – – the date and the duration.

At the end, there is a pledge that shows unanimous agreement to the entire contract.